Marine Geotechnical Investigations and Maritime Archaeology Continuing Professional Development Course and Discussion Meeting

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COARS will be hosting a three day training event at the National Oceanography Centre Southampton between the 13th and 15th January 2015. The event will focus on providing knowledge, skills and practical experience in marine geoarchaeology, in relation to offshore geotechnical investigations, to national and local curators, and those working in, and engaging with, the wider archaeological sector.

With the rapid expansion of coastal and offshore infrastructure projects there have been extensive geotechnical and environmental sampling survey programmes conducted by developers, such as offshore wind farm proposals, cable installation projects and port expansion developments. The large volume of material generated has a wide range of applications for interpreting the archaeological record. At present there is an acknowledged paucity of practitioners entering commercial and / or local government associations with sufficient knowledge in marine geoarchaeology to meet the growing requirement. To address this skills gap COARS has been commissioned by English Heritage to deliver a training course and discussion meeting, held over three consecutive days, to specifically develop knowledge, skills and practical experience in marine geoarchaeology in relation to offshore geotechnical investigations.
The three day event will consist of two components:
A two day Continuing Professional Development (CPD; 13th and 14th January 2015)) course consisting of a series of lecture, computer and laboratory-based sessions that will provide attendees with sufficient knowledge in order to identify the nature and archaeological potential of offshore deposits and make informed decisions over project designs.

A one day discussion meeting (15th January 2015) entitled ‘Dating of Marine Sediments for Archaeological Purposes’. A series of dating technique specialist will be attendance to stimulate discussions on developing best practice and advancing methodologies.

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