English Heritage releases ‘Marine Licensing and England’s Historic Environment’

Posted By on Oct 13, 2014 |

English Heritage Marine Advice

English Heritage has a new guide for those working in marine environments. It is titled Marine Licensing and England’s Historic Environment’ and it is available as a free download here.

This advice is aimed at members of the general public and those wishing to undertake a project directed at an archaeological or historic site in England in the marine and coastal area. This advice will help readers gain a better understanding of where to find relevant information on marine licensing, the types of activities that require a marine licence and those activities that are exempt. It also sets out further information on what is required to support a marine licence application with regard to a project design.

This document updates the EH advice note Marine Licensing and Underwater and Forshore Archaeology (2012). This revised advice includes more detail on where to find important and relevant information on marine licensing and what detail to include to support a marine licence application.

This document has been written by the Marine Planning Unit. It is intended as a working document. Comments and new information are welcomed and should be addressed to customer services customers@english-heritage.org.uk orguidance@english-heritage.org.uk

Download here.